A short serene drive up Provo Canyon's South Fork transports you to a place of tranquility and unsurpassed natural beauty. 

The centennially celebrated Conrad Ranch, a family homestead, is thee perfect setting for your very special event! Your wedding will appear timeless, withpicturesque water wheel on the quaint powerhouse, resting on the naturally spring-fed ponds. 

Contact us for a complimentary consultation and you'll be amazed with the openness and the different variety of options to choose from for your special event. We're happy you allowed us the opportunity to share the day with you.

Our Story

Conrad Ranch, Est. 1863  

Conrad Ranch Wedding & Event Center, derives from humble beginnings. This land has been preserved for seven generations, and counting. 

The event center you see today was brought to you by the hands of Darel Conrad, he has stood with his back straight, building his entire life,  to creating the event center we see today. When he's not working on 'The Ranch' he's creating new life experiences in depth, gratitude, and appreciation to his wife Linda, as a tribute of their life together raising their 10 children.

In all definitions of the word, this is an All American Family Business. 


Mission statement: 

Combining your unique dream, our naturally beautiful surroundings & the special love two people share to provide a moment that will remain forever in your memories.


~Conrad Ranch