This is a basic list of our options at the Conrad Ranch please refer to the other pages for more details

Venue Rental Only

Monday thru Thursday $2000.00                                                                                                        

Friday and Saturday     $2200.00

A six (6) hour block between  10 a.m. and 10 p.m.     $150.00 an hour for additional hours if needed

Inside Facility or Grounds (not both)

Extra Room Rental $500.00 if needed with grounds (no linens)

Includes standard tables, chairs, and linens

Small Rental (smaller annenities package)

Monday thru Saturday $1000.00

A three (4) hour block between 9a.m. and 3p.m.  $100.00 an hour for additional hours if needed

Includes smaller set of tables,chairs, and linens 


Reception Package Only

Come and relax and have us do it all from tasty menu items, decorations,  small wedding cake, set-up and clean-up.  

Tuesday thru Saturday

A five (5) hour block between the 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.                                                                                $150.00 an hour for additional hours if needed

Includes Venue and Package

Single serve starting at:

Price start at $2800.00 for 100 guests

(3 item menu) Sandwich, fruit or veggie, dessert. Served with punch and water.

Buffet Style starting at:

 Price $3200.00 for 100 guests

Choice of  two (2) sandwiches, one (1) salad, Choice of one (1) fruit, veggie, cheese tray, one (1) dessert choice. Served with punch and water.

Ceremony Only

Price $600.00

A three (3) hour block between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.                                                    $100.00 an hour for additional hours if needed

100 chairs, decorated arch, water table

  Ceremony added to Reception package is additional $300.00 with one(1) hour  added



  • No Outside Alcohol allowed on the Conrad Ranch Properties ·        

  • All alcoholic beverages shall be served by a bartender who has a current, valid server certification issued by the State of Utah

  •   Proof of license and insurance copy to the Conrad Ranch

  •   Alcohol will be served during reception hours only (2 Hours)

  •    No glass bottles or cups served to guests on the grounds

  •   All unused alcohol will be held until the parties leave the property

  •   Any damages occurred from an over intoxicated guests will be billed to responsible parties

  •   No hard liquor (or mixed drinks)

  •   Beer, Wine and Champagne only

  • $300.00 convenience fee which includes extra security for your event.

DJ and Announcer

We have a great DJ that is available to hire. Or you are free to bring in your own. There is no WIFI at the ranch. Only AT&T cell service works in the area.

Cake Decorator and Florist

We have a great cake decorator and florist if you need their services.

Please refer to the Contact Page at the bottom


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